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Excursion: Safari Adventure (Special Edition)

Safari in Repubblica Dominicana

Travelling abroad is important, but more important thing is to individualize places where you had been. Our excursion starts in a group, in the morning, accompanied by a professionall guide on a Safari Style-Vehicle to explore the inland of the Dominican Republic with its natural beauty of different places, products and situations.

Our first step will be visiting the sugar cane plantations, typical cultivation of the island. Carts, cows, raw lands where dozens of campesinos work every day, under the hot Caribbean sun.

Piantagioni di canna da zucchero
Sugar cane plantations

We will visit a Haitian village whose inhabitants work in the plantations, we will talk with them and watch the processing and taste the raw cane.

We will visit local schools to spend some time with children. We will walk through the plantations of coffee, cocoa, tobacco, pineapple, papaya, vanilla, passion fruit and many others. Our guides will give all the necessary information about these tropical plants and we can taste the flavor and buy it as much as you want!

We won’t miss a stop at a Tobacco Factory where the large leaves are treated and rolled up to form the prestigious cigars valued all over the world. We will visit Ron’s distillery, the liqueur par excellence, Vitamin, commonly named here, to realize the process of transformation from cane to rum.

Cigarette seller

It wuold be great to immerse yourself in the daily routine activities of ordinary people, discover what they do, how they live and work, transforming products that are taken for granted, but which we have probably never seen in their natural variation.

We will leave for Higuey in the Province of La Altagracia, its capital, passing through the local market. We will immerse ourselves in the simplest everyday life: the stands selling clothes, the fruit on display, the street food sellers, watch children waving their arms around and jumping up and down.

Mercato tipico in Repubblica Dominicana
The typical local market

We will stop at the great Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia, the most important church in the region

Basílica Higüey: Repubblica Dominicana
Higüey Cathedral : Dominican Republic

We will move towards a Rancho located in the hills for a delicious lunch based on Dominican buffet comida, where you can taste typical local dishes

Degustazione di prodotti tipici locali - Repubblica Dominicana
Tasting typical local products

Along the route you will lose yourself in the explosion of the nature.

It is quite common to imagine the Dominican Republic with a blue sea and white beaches, yet here everything is green. A flourishing green that charms with its beauty.

Jungla Dominicana
Dominican Jungle

We will discover the culture of cocoa, the seed, the fruit and the process of making the tasty powder that we all know well. You will be bewitched by the skilful and tireless hands that grind and grind incessantly.


Like any intense experience there must be a great ending. We conitunue our day with a relaxing itinerary on the picturesque river Rio Chavon where, not by chance, films of international fame have been shot as Rambo2, Apocalipse Now, Anaconda …

Rio Chavon
Rio Chavon

For small groups over 10 people, on board of a special raft, accompanied by music and Caribbean dances, our journey continues by sipping Ron, dancing the merengue, enjoying the picturesque panorama.

As the sun goes down, the shadows become longer and the surrounding landscape, already charming, becomes even more enchanting and special. Return at around 17:00.

Keep in mind that travelling is important, but more important thing is to individualize places you had visited.

Description of the excursion

A private taxi will arrive to pick you up directly at your accommodation, it will take you to the starting point of the Safari from where the excursion starts at around 8.00 am with expected return at about 5.00 pm.

  • Safari truck included;
  • Lunch included;
  • Mini-cruise in raft included for groups;
  • Drinks (water, sprite, coca and rom) included.

At the end of this enjoyable day in the historic capital of the Dominican Republic a private taxi will take you back from Bayahibe to your accommodation.

Do not forget to use a repellent, closed shoes and a digital camera.

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