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Ciudad Colonial Excursion – Santo Domingo

Visitare Santo Domingo

The capital of the new world …

Essential for our travellers is the visit of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, 140 kilometers from Bayahibe, which you can reach in less than 2 hours. Santo Domingo is one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful colonial cities and is the first and oldest Spanish settlement established in Central America.

It will be a day dedicated to the discovery of the artistic and cultural hertiage of this ancient city, rich in monuments and places of historical interest. A city full of mystery and history, where America and Europe met for the first time.

Santo Domingo: Alczar de Colon, Colonial zone
Santo Domingo: Alczar de Colon, Colonial zone

Santo Domingo boasts the first civilian settlements of all the Americas: the first court, today the Museo de las Casas Reales, the first hospital, now lies in ruins, dedicated to San Nicola di Bari, the first fortress, the Osama Fortress and the Alcázar de Colón, home of the son of Christopher Columbus, the first paved street “Calle de las Damas“, was so named because in the past the Spanish noblewomen used to walk here exhibiting their best clothes, the imposing Gothic Basilica “Catedral Primanda de America”, The oldest of all the Americas and … much more.

Santo Domingo: Catedral Primanda de America
Santo Domingo: Catedral Primanda de America

We will visit the colonial zone and the Malecón district, situated on the city boardwalk easily reachable on foot moving between historical monuments, ancient buildings, majestic cathedrals, museums and parks, a significant area included, in 1994, among the World Heritage sites of the UNESCO.

The zone is very mundane and dazzling, throughout the  year events and activities are organized, such as the famous Dominican carnival are not to be missed.

After a traditional meal of typical cuisine, we will continue our journey, admiring the National Palace, the Piazza della Cultura a wide green expanse with its interesting museums, famous such as: The Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Hombre Dominicano, then the Museo Nacional de Historia y Geografia and the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural.

Santo Domingo: Monumento Cristoforo Colombo
Santo Domingo: Christopher Columbus Monument

We will move to the Colombus Lighthouse, the impressive monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus completed in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. PLAZA DE LA HISPANIDAD is a nice relaxing place to sit in a bar  and watch the world go by.

We will not miss the possibility to visit a picturesque place: the Los Tres Ojos park (the three eyes) formed by three natural caves, surrounded by a dense and beautiful tropical vegetation, stalagmites and stalactites. You go down about 15 meters deep where it is possible to admire three lakes with crystalline waters connected by bridges.

Santo Domingo: Parco Los Tres Ojos
Santo Domingo: Los Tres Ojos Park

But Santo Domingo is not just art, history, culture and nature, it is a city with strong contrasts where poverty and wealth coexist peacefully

Animated, cheerful and full of resources, also excellent for shopping, you can find well-supplied shopping centers and outlets.

For those who look for the core of Dominican identity can visit the colorful markets of the city and discover the artisan shops, where they find excellent traditional products. The jewels made with amber and larimar, two typical stones of Santo Domingo, are among the most appreciated souvenirs. Special and enchanting are sculptures and numerous artifacts made with local wood, mahogany, palm, coconut tree, must be mentioned the prestigious cigars and the inevitable Rum in a multitude of variations.

Mappa Santo Domingo
Map of Santo Domingo

Description of the excursion

Our private taxi will arrive to pick you up directly at your accommodation, it will take you to the departure point, where at about 08:30 in а comfortable bus we will leave for a destination- Santo Domingo.

On our route we will stop at the ‘TRES OJOS’ park. The return is scheduled at about 17.00

  • Transfer by bus to and from Santo Domingo included;
  • Excursion to “Tres Ojos” included;
  • Typical Dominican lunch included;
  • Drinks included.

At the end of this joyful day in the historic capital of the Dominican Republic, a private taxi will take you back to your accommodation from Bayahibe.


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